Role of Meta Tags in SEO

Keywords Tag

Keyword tag had high relevance in deciding the rankings of webpage in search results during past years. But, due to excessive stuffing of keywords, majority of search engines fail to give importance to the contents of this tag now. Some SEO professionals even suggested on not using this tag in HTML as it would not affect the search rankings in anyways. Still, it is advisable to mention your primary keyword in this tag.

Description Tag

This tag plays a very big role in search results. Having a sense of natural and creative writing, this tag offers you unlimited dimensions. Let us discuss the best practices to perfect this tag.

What is ‘Meta Description’ tag?

Meta description tag gives a brief idea of your web page to both searcher and search engine. To put it simpler, contents of this tag is a summary of your web page in a sentence or two. But, be informed that Google never uses the contents of the description tag for rankings.

Relevancy of contents in the description tag

A very important point to be taken care while optimizing the description tag is that your contents should be relevant to the web page contents. You need to precisely summarize the web page contents and should avoid using generic words like “About our company” or “Great online shopping website”.

Include your keywords

Include your primary and secondary keywords inside this tag contents. Always remember that Google and other search engines have become very smart and they can analyze your contents. So, let the inclusion of your keywords be in a natural way.

Ideal length of description

You can see in many search results the description is cut by the search engines not allowing them to be displayed fully. So, I would recommend the maximum size of description should be limited to somewhere around 160 words. This ensures display of your description text fully in search results.

Avoid repetitions

Repetitions won’t fetch you good rankings. In fact, they will deteriorate your opportunity to secure top rankings. Also, repetitions steal the place of other important notes.

Use good grammar

Impress the searcher with a correctly and naturally constructed text that is free from all grammar and spelling mistakes. Remember that contents of this tag are summary and reflection of the standard of your website.

Visitor’s choice is important

Most of the search engines show 10 organic results against a search query on the first page. So, even if your rank is on the top, it is the visitor’s choice whether to click on your link or not. With a chance of 10%, your best chance of getting a click is to stand out from others with a creative and attractive description. So, take time to think and create a compelling description that the user will want to click. It is a good practise to include a strong ‘call to action’ also.

How to Optimize a Title Tag of a Website?

What is a ‘Title’ tag?

Title tag is one of the tags you can find inside the <head> section of an HTML document. Most of the browsers show the contents of this tag in the respective tab, when the webpage is loaded. This is the most important tag in SEO perspective because search engines understand from this tag what your webpage is all about. You must optimize the title tag even if you are doing nothing else, when optimizing a website!

How to perfect the title tag?

There are a lot of misconceptions about writing a good title tag. But, this is really a simple job. If you can follow a short list of guidelines, you also can build a perfect title tag for your site. Let’s check them one by one.

Ensure there is something meaningful

Contents inside the title tag is the first clue for any search engine about what your web page is trying to tell its visitors. So, never simply leave it as “untitled” or “home” or “about us”. It should reflect the contents of your page and it should form a complete thought.

Enrich it with your keywords

Include your keywords in the title tag. But do not try to stuff the title with a lot of keywords. Include your primary keyword certainly and if needed, add a secondary keyword also. Anyways, try not to lose the natural flavor when you do it. It should not be done mere for the purpose of SEO.

Let it be not too long and short

It is a good practice to keep the length of the title tag between 70 and 80 characters including spaces. Also, let your primary keyword phrase be placed in the fist 50. Too short and too long keywords wont fetch you nothing. It must be kept in your mind that everything you do for SEO should be in a moderate way, that is to say, never overdo anything!

Include your organization’s name

Including your company’s name is a reputed practice. It will differentiate your listing from others and it will earn the visitor’s trust.

Unique ‘Title’ for each page

This is a very important thing to write unique titles for each of your pages. Each webpage in your site must be describing different products or services and it goes without saying that each page should be uniquely titled. If you are not duplicating page titles, it makes search engines’ job easier to index your web pages.

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